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Retention Plus

Smooth away wrinkles with Retention Plus

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We all know about wrinkles: through time, your skin slowly begins to lose its elasticity and your character lines show up on your face. Although there is nothing wrong with having wrinkles from a lifetime of laughter, it would be nice to have them less apparent until as late as possible.

Retention Plus is a truly unique product that helps rebuild and strengthen your skin: you can start using it at any age (we recommend using it to nourish all skin types from the age of maturity). It has also been known to improve the appearance of scarring.

Why is Retention Plus a unique system for reducing and delaying wrinkles?

It is believed that with age, the skin's elastin breaks down and causes wrinkling.

Retention Plus uses a patented breakthrough in elastin technology: for the scientifically-minded, it uses cross-linked elastin that is compatible with human skin called Desmosine and Isodesmosine.

Neways has exclusive rights to these ingredients and has patented the process so no other skin care products on the market can provide the benefits of Retention Plus. This unique intensive, fast-acting formulation greatly improves the appearance of wrinkled or aged skin.

It also contains Vitamin A, recognised to help rebuild and strengthen the skin.


  • Test for Vitamin A sensitivity by placing a small amount of Retention Plus on the inside of the elbow and cover. Leave for 24 hours and then remove cover. If there is no skin redness, continue with the product.


  • Apply a small amount of Retention Plus to forehead, upper lip and around eye area where fine lines appear. Massage in well.
  • For more effective application, apply Bio-Mist Activator after Retention Plus and massage in well.

Key points:

  • Contains elements that are deficient in wrinkled skin.
  • Uses safe and effective natural vitamin A, which is recognised to help rebuild and strengthen the skin.
  • This fantastic product is designed to help improve the appearance of ageing, wrinkled and scarred skin.
  • Rapidly increases the supply of oxygen to the skin.
  • Increases moisture levels in the skin.

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