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Extra Gentle Cleanser

Be gentle to your skin

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Extra Gentle Cleanser, as the name implies, is 'extra gentle' for the skin - It cleanses safely, emulsifies and dissolves oil, and gently releases dead skin cells. The skin is not cleansed corrosively and the natural protective acid mantle on the skin's surface remains unaltered and ready to accept Neways' products.

It is advised for most people to start with the mildest cleanser and work toward the cleanser that is appropriate for their skin type.


  • Wet face, place one drop of cleanser on the palm of the hand, mix with water, and rub hands together to make a mild lather. Massage on to face and neck. Rinse seven to ten times, leaving skin slightly damp. Repeat if necessary, i.e., if wearing make-up or if skin is excessively oily.

Key points:

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