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The Neways Skin Care Range


A trully incredible aftersun product, that will soothe a huge range of inflamed skin conditions

Rebound 125ml - 15.51 Add to Basket

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Rebound is a wonderful product to have around the house. It is incredibly gentle, with a beautiful fragrance, yet its effectiveness is outstanding. Whether you burn yourself in the sun or cooking, or get a skin rash or blister, it is a product that will help to soothe the pain away, whilst leaving your skin soft and restored to its original state.

Rebound is a super-rich, after-sun formula; a valuable asset to the Neways' Sun Care range. Containing a full range of natural ingredients including aloe vera, rose hip oil, spirulina, cassia beta-glucan, ergothioneine and milk flora enzymes make this a well-balanced, highly-valued moisturiser.


  • Rebound should be applied to clean dry skin immediately following exposure to the sun's rays, as this may help enhance your skin's UV recovery potential.
  • Rebound may also be used for dry skin conditions as part of the Neways skin care regime.
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