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Resurrection Bio-Mist Activator

spray water-based moisturiser

Resurrection Bio-Mist 125ml - 10.28 Add to Basket

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Effective moisturising adds two elements to your skin: oil-soluble and water-soluble moisture. It follows that effective moisturising combines these two elements. Most moisturisers on the market deal with adding oil-soluble moisture so how can you add the water-soluble element?

Ressurection Bio-Mist Activator is a water-soluble moisturiser that contains a unique system for moisturising your skin from the inside out. It contains Allantoin to soothe, Hyaluronic Acid and specific ingredients for natural moisturising, such as raspberry extract, sodium PCA and witch hazel. The combination of an oil-soluble phase such as Wrinkle Garde or Skin Enhancer and this water-based phase gives your skin the best conditions to thrive.

When combined with specific Neways' products, Bio-Mist Activator enables the skin system to utilise all the vital ingredients necessary for replenishing the lost components of a healthy skin.


  • As Bio-Mist Activator is a water based moisturiser it is not recommended to be used alone if you have sensitive, dry or mature skin.


  • Shake the bottle, spray onto the face and neck (suitable for the entire body), and massage in well.
  • Ressurection Bio-Mist Activator can be applied after Retention Plus for ease of application.
  • Must: be used after Wrinkle Garde.

Key points:

  • A water soluble moisturiser; skin needs water to keep it soft and supple.
  • Non-greasy or heavy, especially popular with men and teenagers.
  • Very cooling in hot and humid climates.
  • Can be applied throughout the day.
  • Helps with the effectiveness of most Neways' products, including those used in Body Contouring.
  • Benefits from being massaged in well.
  • Leaves skin feeling dewy and moist, and prepares skin to feel the benefits of other skin care products in our range.

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