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Moisturise at nightime with maximum efficiency:

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Dermatologists and cosmetic specialists agree that moisturising is an important step in promoting healthy skin. Did you know that moisturisers are absorbed more effectively if used after cleansing at night? If you want deep and lasting effects from your skin care routine, you should use a moisturiser at night that is specifically formulated for the purpose. Younger, firmer skin can be use if you use NightScience as part of your daily routine.

One of the most noticeable signs of growing older is losing the radiance and resilience of youthful skin. Ageing, however, is not the only factor that influences the condition of the skin. Many lifestyle choices can drain the skin of its healthy radiance, including inadequate water intake, frequent exposure to sunlight, lack of exercise and smoking. In general, healthier people have healthier skins.

NightScience is a unique night-time moisturiser, rich in essential nutrients, with a rejuvenating yet gentle Vitamin A derivative, and natural compounds that support skin against UV rays.


  • Apply NightScience in the evening as part of your skin care regime. Massage cream into skin so that it deeply penetrates skin tissue.
  • Use NightScience on your face and around your eyes.

Key points:

  • NightScience rejuvenates skin to create a morning radiance.
  • Provides the skin with nutrients to help support proper moisture retention.
  • Contains mushroom extract to protect against UV rays.
  • Formulated with antioxidants and immune stimulators that promote healthy skin.
  • Contains a vitamin A derivative that is gentler than other derivatives, but is equally effective in supporting the skin against ageing.
  • Contains no harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol and lanolin, often found in other skin/care creams.

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