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1st Impression Cleanser

Cleanse oily, problem skin with

1st Impression Cleanser 125ml - 6.46 Add to Basket

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1st Impression Cleanser is a deep pore cleanser with effective grease and oil emulsifying agents

Due to its natural exfoliating action, 1st Impression Cleanser is especially suitable for very oily skin.

Note: 1st Impression Cleanser should only be introduced after two weeks of using Neways' Skin Care regime.


  • Wet face, place one drop of cleanser on to the palm of your hand, mix with water and rub your hands together to create a mild lather: Massage onto your face and throat, rinse seven to ten times, leaving your skin slightly damp. Eliminator (although this is a mouthwash) may be used morning and night as a toner, if skin is excessively oily. Spray on damp pad and wipe over the entire face and neck. Spray or apply with a cotton wool pad over the entire face and neck area; allow to dry and follow with your normal skin care routine.

Key points:

  • Deep pore cleanser
  • Exfoliates the skin naturally,
  • Use only after Neways' products have been used for approximately two weeks, (your skin .may not accommodate deep pore cleansing at an early stage).
  • Apply Eliminator to face 'and neck area.
  • Not recommended for very sensitive skins.

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