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Imperfection Lotion

Control acne and disguise marks

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How can you deal with severe acne? There is an effective treatment that is also kind to your skin: Imperfection Lotion can control symptoms of acne and other blemishes, by helping to remove the food supply that acne causing bacteria feed on. Imperfection Lotion helps the removal of imbedded soils, deep-cleanses pores, and helps diminish the appearance of skin imperfections.

A healthy solution for problematic skin, Imperfection Lotion® blemish cream contains tea tree oil, witch hazel and myrrh extracts that soothe and soften the skin.


  • For minor skin blemishes, apply Imperfection Lotion to blemished area only, after thoroughly cleansing.
  • For acute acne:
  • cleanse thoroughly three times using 1st Impression Cleanser and massage with a soft cloth.
  • Apply Eliminator with a cotton wool pad, or spray on and allow to dry. Apply heat pack to face e.g., warm washer (optional).
  • Gently massage Imperfection Lotion in well (do not rub).
  • Again, use heat-pack (optional)
  • Follow with normal skin care products.
  • Take Orachel to improve results (optional).

Key points:

  • Uses ingredients to remove imbedded soils and cleanse the pores.
  • Willow bark, myrrh and witch hazel are used to soothe. the skin and effectively soften imperfections.
  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria and their food supply.
  • Suitable for severe and minor blemishes and painful blind pimples.
  • To prevent re-infection, do not apply directly to skin but place on a cotton bud.

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