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Barrier Cream

Protect your skin from harmful chemicals

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Your skin protects you from harm Ė it acts as a protective barrier against allergens, dirt and common irritants. However, if it is frequently washed, especially the hands, this natural protection can be dissolved. And some harmful agents your skin comes up against are too powerful for your skinís natural defences to deal with alone. If you come into contact with strong, harmful chemicals and detergents in your daily activities, it can be a major problem for your skin. To protect your hands from irritants, and to prevent further damage to already affected hands, the use of a barrier cream is recommended.

Barrier Cream acts like an invisible pair of gloves, preventing contact between skin and potential irritants, soothing the surface and protecting already damaged skin. It doesn't matter if we spend our days working with our hands and doing physical work or sitting down and typing all day, we still can benefit from Barrier Cream - even if your most physically exerting task is typing into your browser. This particular cream is natural and hard wearing and you'll feel the benefit as soon as you use it. New Ways Barrier Cream is also long lasting and pleasant smelling.

Barrier Cream offers the following advantages:

  • It does not contain silicone, oil, lanolin or perfume.
  • It forms a thin film on your face, hands and body which acts like an invisible protective glove.
  • It may help protect against physical agents such as heat, cold, solar radiation and pollutants.
  • One application makes it immediately effective.
  • It is not easily rubbed or washed off by perspiration during work.
  • It does not affect your grip or dexterity.
  • It does not affect. the skin's normal functions, clog pores or alter the normal perspiration or pH of the skin.
  • It can act as a protector when used as the last step in the facial skin care routine, helping prevent dehydration of the skin under extreme conditions, e.g. long distance air travel, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Barrier Cream will help improve the appearance, smoothness, suppleness and softness of your skin without leaving a greasy feel. Used regularly, Barrier Cream can allow your skin to heal itself naturally.


  • Apply a small amount of Barrier Cream to required areas and rub in well, making sure to apply between the fingers.
  • Reapply approximately every two to three hours to areas that are being washed frequently. Barrier Cream can be massaged over the entire face and body.

Key points:

  • An invisible glove of protection, which improves smoothness and softness of the skin.
  • Enhances the appearance of dry, flaky skin.
  • Non-greasy and concentrated, it allows skin to respire naturally.
  • Does not clog pores. Soothes irritated and chapped skin.
  • Helps protect against environmental and industrial damage, e.g. hot and cold, chemicals, oils, paints, harsh detergents, etc.
  • Does not affect grip or dexterity of hands.
  • Ideal as the last step in the facial skin care routine for extra protection.

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