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The Neways Skin Care Range

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To Protect and Nourish your Skin

Ages 20-29
Ages 30-39
Ages 40+

Ages 20 - 29

Skin Type: Dry or Sensitive Regimin AM PM
Tends to lose ability to produce adequate amounts of moisture and naturals oils Cleanse Milky Cleanser/TLC Milky Cleanser/TLC
Dry skin feels tight, leathery, and/or flaky in some areas Rejuvenate Retention Plus Retention Plus
Sensitive skin also characterised by broken capillaries Activate Bio-Mist Activator Bio-Mist Activator
Both skin types are sensitive to harsh cleansers Moisturise Skin Enhancer Skin Enhancer
Should be gently cleansed and deeply moisturised - - -
Skin Type: Normal Regimin AM PM
No major problems with flakiness or oiliness. Cleanse Extra Gentle Cleanser Extra Gentle Cleanser
Firm. Supple and Healthy Rejuvenate Retention Plus Retention Plus
Generaly smooth, with small pores Activate Bio-mist Activator Bio-mist Activator
Note. Normal skin may fluctuate in type with climate changes, therefore it is important to often re-evaluate skin type. - - -
Skin Type: combination to oily* Regimin AM PM
Oily T zone across forehead, nose and chin Cleanse 1st Impression Cleanser 1st Impression Cleanser
Combination skin occasionally experiences dryness around cheeks and neck Tone* Eliminator Eliminator
Oily skin often experiences shiny yet coarse texture Rejuvenate Retention Plus Retention Plus
Enlarged pores, blemishes and blackheads are common. Activate Resurrection Bio-mist Activator Resurrection Bio-mist Activator
Note: Acne prone/teen skin is classified as oily skin Moisturise Skin Enhancer Nightscience

NOTE: Eliminator and Imperfection Lotion are recommended as part of the regimen for acne prone and/or teen skin.

Ages 20-29
Ages 30-39
Ages 40+

Milkly Cleanser
TLC Cleanser
Extra Gentle Cleanser
1st Impression Cleanser

Resurrection Biomist Moisturiser
Cascading Skin Complex
Skin Enhancer
Retention Plus
Circles & Lines
Night Science

Barrier Cream
Imperfection Lotion

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