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Silken Shampoo

Silken Shampoo

Care for treated or dry hair with Silken gentle shampoo for all the family

Silken Shampoo 250ml £7.90 Add to Basket

Silken Shampoo 500ml £10.50 Add to Basket

If your hair is coloured, permed, or chemically treated, you probably know that you need an especially mild shampoo. Silken shampoo is highly concentrated, so that you need to use less – so it is effectively milder on your scalp and hair. It has the same careful formulation as Ultimate, and so avoids the problems caused by the chemicals in most shampoos.

Silken Shampoo is the sensible choice for dry, damaged, treated and normal hair. Its gentle formula makes it suitable for all your family to use.


  • Wet hair thoroughly. Shake bottle and pour a small amount onto the palm of your hand.Massage into your hair, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat.
  • An extensive build-up of dirt, hairsprays, and gels etc may produce low lather the first few times you use it, so you may need to lather once more.
  • If you suffer from an itchy scalp, towel dry after using Silken shampoo – then rinse scalp with Eliminator, leave it in, then condition and style as normal.
  • Features:

  • Highly concentrated formula means that you don’t need to use so much shampoo – making Silken shampoo both economical to use and gentle.
  • Gentle formula makes Silken shampoo suitable for the entire family.

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