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Ultrashine Toothpaste

Ultrashine & Radiance Toothpastes

The non-toxic way to cleaner teeth

Ultrashine Toothpaste 50ml £4.00 Add to Basket

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Radiance (good for kids) 50ml £4.00 Add to Basket

Radiance (good for kids) 175ml £6.50 Add to Basket

You would imagine that toothpaste is manufactured using safe, non-toxic ingredients, wouldn’t you? It is important that something you use as often as toothpaste would be safe, and not poisonous. You don’t hear about toothpaste poisoning, so why change to a safer brand?

Sadly, if you look at the ingredients on most toothpastes, you will find words such as sorbitol, sodium laurel sulphate, hydrated silica, and triclosan. How are you supposed to know what these are? At New Ways of Living, we have investigated them and found some results that may worry you

  • Sorbitol is safe – as long as you make sure that none of it goes down your throat. Would you like to eat something that produces this headline: “Consumer Group Petitions FDA to Require "Diarrhoea" Notice on Foods that Contain Sorbitol”1.
  • Sodium laurel sulphate is a detergent used to clean industrial engines – it is also popular as an addition to many personal care products apart from toothpaste – shampoos, soaps etc. It is a well-researched skin-irritant that can as a result cause eczema2.
  • Hydrated silica is a fairly safe ingredients whose abrasive qualities effectively erode your teeth. Any toothpastes that include this ingredient should be used sparingly – just ask your dentist.
  • Triclosan is registered as a pesticide in the US. How delicious.
  • Sodium Fluoride – the debate goes on about this chemical. Many areas have added it to the drinking water so as to aid dental health and prevent caries. It is present in 95% of toothpastes, and is dangerous to swallow.
  • So the toothpaste you are using may have no harmful effects on your health – especially if you are careful never to swallow any – or get it anywhere near your skin. The ‘whiteners’ that are becoming so popular actually erode your teeth, and should be used sparingly.

    What can I do if I want to change to a safer toothpaste?

    There are a few toothpastes available that have addressed these issues, and removed these hazardous products. Amongst them is Radiance, which has met the challenge of keeping your teeth clean and bacteria-free, but without using dangerous chemicals. Radiance uses stabilised chlorine dioxide to dissolve the food particles that lead to plaque.

    If you are concerned about still incorporating a ‘whitener’ in your toothpaste, then you can use a weekly mixture of Radiance with bicarbonate of soda.


    • Apply Radiance to a dry toothbrush (which helps the ‘whitening’ effect) and brush thoroughly.
    • Finish brushing with a few drops of Eliminator Use Eliminator rather than water to rinse.
    • For best results, eat nothing for 10 minutes after cleaning your teeth with the Radiance programme.


    • Contains no fluoride or sugar
    • Has no harsh abrasives – so does not damage enamel or gums
    • Dissolves plaque-causing residues
    • For extra whitening effect, mix with a bicarbonate of soda


    1. From the Center for Science in the Public Interest,
    2. Sources include Occupational Safety and Health in the Hairdressing Industry

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