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Neways Generations Range for Babies and Children

Baby Group

Dr Samuel Epstien, Author of The Safe Shoppers Bible states that he believes that Personal Care Products are potentially more harmful that smoking - Why Would He Say This??

From the day a baby is born he/she is having products put directly onto their perfect new body. But what about the SLS (used as an engine degreasant), the Propylene Glygol(used in breakfluid) and thousands of other industrial chemicals that are in the majority of products sold in the highstreet? Dr Epstien states that a build up of these chemicals from the day we are born, can be potentially disasterous for our health. Here at New Ways Of Living we have taken this on board and are happy to present you with healthy alternatives.

These products only have the mildest of ingredients that will not build up a toxic overload over time. We hope you enjoy using them with you precious new child.

Here is a range of five products created especially for babies and children, the products are fun to use, whilst knowing that they are free from any potentially harmful ingredients. Like all Neways Products they have a seal of safety from the Prevention of Cancer Coalition.

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Hair & Body Wash, Hair Detangler, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder, Bubble Bath


Hair & Body Wash

A Beautiful Mouse - Wash and Play at the same time

This hair and body wash is very mild and safe for kids to be using all the time. Children love to squirt it and rubb it into their bodies.


  • Use in place of soap.
  • Apply foam to head and body and cleanse as needed.
  • Rinse and towel dry.


  • Featuring natural olive oil and oats
  • this unique cleanser is appropriate for both skin and hair and is mild enough for infants
  • This gentle, foaming gel is fragrance free and deeply nourishes the skin while it cleans

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hair detangler

Hair Detangler

A Safe Detangler to spray near your child

It's not a good idea to inhale strong chemicals from sprays. The New Generations spray is very mild, yet hightly effective. Never have your child moan at you for combing their hair again, whilst leaving hair with a healthy shine and natural softness.


  • Add to damp or dry hair and comb through.
  • Style as usual


  • A lightweight, spray-on formula
  • lightly scented with all-natural lavender oil and is fortified with aloe vera to nourish
  • condition and moisturise to help eliminate knots and tangles

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baby lotion

Baby Lotion

A safe and effective lotion for your baby

This rich and creamy lotion is soothing and gently moisturises protects your child skin. It contains aloe vera, standardized oat extract, olive oil derivative, vitamin E, Rose Hips Oil, and Shea Butter.


  • Apply a desired amount to clean skin and rub in.


  • Skin-softening emollients such as Meadow Foam seed oil
  • Neways·exclusive Babassu Oil help to keep the skin feeling silky and smooth, Babassu Oil is the latest in skin-nourishing science
  • Alone or used with essential oil blends, NEWays Generations·Baby Lotion is an ideal preservative-free lotion for massage.

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baby powder

Baby Powder

A safe and effective Powder to replace talc

Talc is a soft grey-green mineral used in some personal hygiene and cosmetic products. Inhaling talc may be harmful as this substance is recognised as a potential carcinogen. New Generations Talc is made from ingredients that will not aggrivate an adult or childs system. There is a lot of research connecting talc to disease, so here you have an effective replacement for all the family.


  • Cleanse nappy area and let dry.
  • Carefully shake powder into nappy or apply to the nappy area and close to the skin.
  • Keep away from child's face.


  • This velvety powder absorbs moisture leaving your child's skin feeling silky and smooth.
  • Based on all-natural tapioca, our baby powder is talc-free for your child's safety.
  • It also includes aloe and nourishing vitamin E to naturally soften skin.

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bubble bath

Bubble Bath

Perfect to keep their skin soft

This bubble bath is free from SLS and is the perfect formula to have in your bathroom. As already described in the adult formulas, you want to be careful what ingredients make the bubbles in your home. Bath time is not the same without an endless supply of thick, foamy bubbles.


  • Add two to three capfuls to bathwater when filling.


  • Made with coconut and oats
  • fragrance-free formula is great for a baby delicate skin.

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‘Children need mild ingredients to keep them safe!!

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