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Subdue Deodorant

Subdue Deodorant

Aluminium-free antiperspirant

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The use of antiperspirant deodorants has come under a lot of controversy due to the aluminium base commonly used in such products.

Neways has researched new types of techniques in deodorant products, and has discovered three ingredients that are very effective in addressing this problem. These natural ingredients include coriander, sage and eucalyptus, and are completely safe to use. They perform the necessary deodorising functions without inhibiting the body's natural respiration.

“Some doctors have suggested that antiperspirant might be especially problematic, as women apply it to shaved armpits, perhaps allowing aluminium to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through hundreds of tiny cuts caused by razors. However, studies are inconclusive.”


  • Apply to under arm and massage in thoroughly,
  • If using the roll-on
  • use the cap for ease of massaging in.


  • Contains no aluminium
  • Aloe vera has been added to soothe sensitive skin
  • Cleanse area with Refresh to remove accumulated residue from aluminium based products

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