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Ultimate Shampoo

Ultimate Shampoo:

You may be allergic to your shampoo: gentle yet effective

Ultimate Shampoo 250ml £7.90 Add to Basket

Ultimate Shampoo 500ml £10.50 Add to Basket

Are you worried by the effects of using most shampoos? Unexplained rashes on your face, itchy scalp, all could be the result of allergic reactions to the chemicals that are found in even the ‘mildest’ shampoos. Do you have to keep changing your shampoo because it stops working and your hair looks lank and lifeless?

Are you confused by the huge number of different shampoos on the market: for greasy hair, for beautiful hair, for shiny hair, for treated hair. Advertising for shampoo talks about a range of patented chemicals without explaining what they do. They don’t say “contains SLS – also used as a cleaner for industrial machinery, and as an added benefit will make your scalp itch”.

Traditional shampoos use harsh cleansers, such as sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) that can not only irritate and dry the skin, but also can contribute to harmful nitrate formation and absorption. This means that when certain chemicals that are standard in the products we use to wash our hair and bodies react with each other, they can produce substances that are even more harmful. The results can be itchy skin, rashes and inflammation – the opposite to claims of ‘moisturising’ effects.

Ultimate Shampoo cleans naturally, using safer alternative ingredients that will not create build up on the hair. Ultimate shampoo makes your hair less prone to shampoo "burn out" – where your shampoo stops ‘working’ and you have to switch to another brand.

Ultimate is an ultra-mild family shampoo suitable for all scalp and hair conditions.


  • Wet hair thoroughly
  • Apply a small amount of Ultimate on palm of hand
  • Massage your scalp, wash your hair thoroughly and rinse well
  • Repeat process
  • If lather is low ( i.e. through heavy build up of soils and hairspray, etc) repeat twice


  • Mild and soothing for sensitive scalps
  • Removes build up of harmful chemicals from previous hair treatments
  • Improves elasticity of hair, so stops breaking
  • Makes your hair thicker and easier to comb
  • Economical to use, i.e. for short hair, use approximately an amount the size of a small coin
  • A self adjusting, pH-balanced shampoo, containing anti-oxidants to help prevent free radical damage – so stops hair splitting.

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