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We suggest you avoid inhaling and touching aggressive industrial chemicals used in nearly all cleaning products. Help yourself and the planet with mild and effective ingredients that will do the job just as well!!

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Guardian Disenfectant

Guardian - Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Guardian Disenfectant 480ml - £6.46
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A powerful disinfectant must be dangerous, mustn’t it? If you really need to disinfect to hospital-grade clinical standards, then you need to use bleach or something highly toxic – don’t you?

Why use harmful bleach – when you can disinfect safely with Guardian?

Guardian has been designed as a versatile, fast acting and safe disinfectant cleaner. It was developed specifically for hospitals and can be used in operating rooms, nursing homes, schools and food-processing plants. Guardian disinfectant can also. be used on food contact surfaces, providing the ultimate in protection against the hazards of cross contamination. Hairdressing salons will find Guardian disinfectant indispensable for disinfecting combs, scissors, etc and it can be used in the home as a spray and wipe cleaner, a mopping solution, a washing solution or a sanitising soak.

  • Use in the bathroom on toilet seats, taps, sinks, showers and baths.
  • Use Guardian regularly to rid the bathroom of those mildew and fungal problems.
  • When diluted with rinse water for dishes it protects against common infections such as flu, colds and other bacteria and virus caused illnesses.

With Guardian disinfectant you will never use bleach again!


  • Guardian is extremely concentrated and must be diluted as follows:
  • when using as a disinfectant 1 to 50
  • for mildew and virus control 1:250
  • as a sanitiser 1:630.
  • These proportions mean that Guardian disinfectant can make up to 470 litres of ready-to-use product!


  • Broad spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Highly concentrated – and so economical to use
  • Can be used in hospitals, schools, homes and food-processing plants.

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