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We suggest you avoid inhaling and touching aggressive industrial chemicals used in nearly all cleaning products. Help yourself and the planet with mild and effective ingredients that will do the job just as well!!

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NewBrite All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

All Purpose Cleaner 440ml - £6.46
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You know the familiar smell that harsh toxic chemicals in detergents produce all over your home? That is because most household cleaners contain chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine to kill germs and clean your home properly. Maybe you’ve tried using eco-friendly cleaners, and found that their cleaning power is not as great as the chemicals that you are used to.

How can I clean my home, care for my family and the environment – all with one product?

NewBrite All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is eco-friendly, and toxin free – so it protects your house and your family, as well as the world you live in. It is also a powerful and effective cleaner. It is so versatile that it copes with a number of different cleaning tasks around your home:

  • cleans sinks (porcelain, stainless steel, and acrylic)
  • stoves and cookers
  • baths and tiles
  • carpets
  • laundry (as a stain remover)
  • rubbish bins.

You are probably using a range of different products for all these tasks – try the power and safety of NewBrite. Its strong cleaning power – useful for a variety of cleaning jobs – makes this cleaning product a household necessity. You don’t need harsh and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals to have a clean home. NewBrite does not contain DEA, TEA, ammonia or chlorine – and so is safer than most cleaning products. Instead, NewBrite is formulated using:

    natural degreasers to cut grease and grime an optical brightener to shine surfaces enzymes that prevent dirt from re-depositing on clean surfaces water softeners to improve cleaning power and reduce hard water deposits.

Its powerful soil chelating enzymes lay dawn a protective coating that acts as a sealant to keep grease and grime from accumulating.

NewBrite All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate – a household necessity.


  • For heavy cleaning, use undiluted.
  • For regular, everyday, or weekly cleaning, dilute one part NewBrite with 10 parts water.
  • For mopping and light cleaning, dilute one part NewBrite All-Purpose Cleaner with 40 parts' water.
  • Not recommended for vinyl, varnishes, or aluminium.
  • Apply to fabrics immediately before washing.
  • Always test a small area before applying.
  • Use undiluted as a fabric pre-spot and on carpets to remove stubborn stains and spots, testing on an inconspicuous area first.


  • Highly versatile cleaning product.
  • Less harmful than standard household cleaners
  • Makes your home smell good and feel clean!
  • Once you’ve tried NewBrite, other cleaners just won’t measure up.

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