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We suggest you avoid inhaling and touching aggressive industrial chemicals used in nearly all cleaning products. Help yourself and the planet with mild and effective ingredients that will do the job just as well!!

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hand and dish soap

Non-toxic Hand and Dish Soap – kind to your hands

Hand & Dish Soap 480ml - £4.52 Add to Basket

Washing dishes need not be as hard on your hands as it is on grease. Many dishwashing liquids are full of pungent perfumes and artificial dyes and colours, which may cause :

  • skin irritations
  • allergies
  • dried, cracked hands.

Even rinsing dishes does not always remove these potentially harmful additives, which are intentionally included in some products to remain on dishes to give them a fresh, clean scent. So you get the chance to eat them too, when you use your ‘clean’ plates again.

How can I wash dishes without harsh toxins?

Soften your hands while cleaning your dishes with NewBrite Hand Dish Soap Concentrate. This plant-based cleaner cuts grease quickly and safely as it moisturizes hands, leaving dishes spotless and skin soft, wash after wash.


  • Add one capful to sink while filling with warm water, to effectively clean dishes and hands.


  • Gentle, plant based cleaners cut grease quickly and safely.
  • Leaves hands soft and smooth. and dishes film free.
  • Uses safe, biodegradable cleansers.

Dish the dirt on Washing Up Liquid - Article from Proof CLICK HERE

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