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Echinacea Formula

Boost your immune system and protect yourself from colds

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If you ever have that feeling that a cold is coming on, then Echinacea Formula can help. It is specifically formulated to boost your immune system, and is also useful if you take it once symptoms of influenza (flu) has already started. It sets to work on counteracting stress; and feeling ‘run down’ or ‘under the weather’ is stressful. Get to your colds and flu before they take hold, and you can prevent them altogether. You can use echinacea formula throughout the winter months as a preventative; but if you don’t you can still fight off the worst of it.

Key effects of echinacea formula on your body:

  • Helps ‘flu symptoms such as coughing, tiredness, fever, chest discomfort
  • echinacea formula brings back your vitality and stamina
  • Helps your body’s natural immune system
  • Can relieve stress and nervous tension
  • Colds, influenza and other winter illnesses are easier to fight when your immune system is reinforced
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion
  • Supports the respiratory tract, so can help breathing difficulties
  • Usage: 3 tablets morning and night, as necessary Can be taken throughout times of stress or in the winter months, though you should discontinue use for 3-5 consecutive days a month.


  • Echinacea supports the body’s immune and respiratory systems.
  • Thyme supports a healthy respiratory tract and already healthy digestion
  • Hyssop, a pungent herb that supports immune, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive health, as well as already normal liver function. It also may help soothe feelings of stress which might inhibit optimal immune system health.
  • Panax Ginseng, an energizing herb that boosts feelings of vitality by supporting already healthy respiratory and circulatory function while helping to ease feelings of stress.
  • A complete list of ingredients is available.


  • echinacea formula is most effective as an addition to a healthy diet and supplement regime
  • Remember to drink plenty of water
  • If symptoms persist, consult your doctor

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