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New Ways Of Living was set up by Victoria Jahkeline Salomon ten years ago.  Her organisation has been promoting the Neways safe and effecitve product range internationally throughout this time.  Hundreds of satisfied distributors and customers have helped to establish her successful organisation by continuing to share vital information about how to create health and well being.

Victoria works as part of a team that is passionate about eductating people.  Over the years she has seen countless testimonials of people of all ages whose lives have changed forever, simply by adding the right nutrition or replacing existing personal and household care products to eliminate unnecessary chemicals in the home environment.  Other ranges from weight management, cosmetics, sports products, aromatherapy, and baby products, enable people to transfer their spending towards a healthier option.

There is no question about the potential links of harmful ingredients in products and diseases that were rare only 50 years ago.  At New Ways of Living we ask this question 'if there is any likeliness whatsoever that people are risking their health by using suspect ingredients why even chance it?'  We only get one body and our life and well-being, depends on its health and vitality.  If we do not make a stand for ourselves, then how will our children learn about these dangers.

There is also no question that our food is continuously being grown in overfarmed soil that is starved of the nutritional content that our body's longterm health is dependant on. A nutritionally hollow fruit or vegetable may be giving you a false sense of eating well.

Even if you feel great today, the fact is that as we get older, just like our car we begin to rust.  However, do you know that if you take responsibity for the upkeep of your body and add a daily supplementation regime (that costs less than a cup of coffee!!)  into a balanced lifestyle you can prolong your potential for health and vitality indefinately.

We believe there is an urgency right now, to take action. Just like the planet we need to look after our environment.

We believe if we start by looking after our own bodies, we will then have more focus, ability and motivation to take care of our planet.  Start with yourself, New Ways Of Living is a first vital step to a healthier and potentially far more successful life.

We encourage everyone to try these products, we know once you start you will not want to use anything else again.

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