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ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Reduce your appetite before you eat a meal

ProThin Shake - Meal Replacement

Meal replacement shake for weight control

ProThin Thermogenic Blend

Support you metabolism to process excess weight


CLA & GLA - The fats you need


Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

We suggest you avoid inhaling and touching aggressive industrial chemicals used in nearly all cleaning products. Help yourself and the planet with mild and effective ingredients that will do the job just as well!!

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ProThin Thermogenic Blend Tablets

Step 3: ProThin Thermogenic Blend Tablets

Support you metabolism to process excess weight

ProThin Thermogenic Blend Tablets 180tbs - 25.72
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ProThin Thermogenic Blend combines specially selected herbs and phytonutrients (organic componets of plants). These ingredients support the rate that your body can process stored calories into usable energy.

Thermogenic is the word used to describe the action of increasing the body's metabolism through the generation of heat, helping to burn fat.

Metabolism is the use the body makes of foods after they have been digested, absorbed and transported to the cells.

Diet and excercise are essentail alongside using the ProThin Thermogenic Blend. These combined will allow your metabolism to work effectively. The blend also includes antioxidant nutrients to protect your body.


  • Take two tablets, three times daily with 250ml of water, with meals.
  • Carefully follow usage directions and 'Cautions/Warnings' found on individual product packaging.


  • Supports energy expenditure.
  • Supports healthy metabolism.
  • Provides antioxidant support.
  • Supports weight management when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet

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