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ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Reduce your appetite before you eat a meal

ProThin Shake - Meal Replacement

Meal replacement shake for weight control

ProThin Thermogenic Blend

Support you metabolism to process excess weight


CLA & GLA - The fats you need


Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

Are you managing your weight by ensuring you get good nutritional support to help your metabolism do the job. We can help you out...... Make sure the food you do eat is not hollow!!

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ProThin Shake

Step 2: ProThin® Meal Replacement Shake - Vanilla or Chocolate

Meal replacement shake for weight control

Pro Thin Shake 585g - 15 Servings £25.50
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Managing your weight and staying fit can be one of the most challenging goals you face. Losing weight safely requires a balanced approach to sensible eating, nutrition and exercise. With Neways ProThin, the balancing act can become easier than ever. When used as a substitute for regular meals, ProThin may be a delicious way to reduce calories. When combined with moderate exercise and sensible eating, ProThin may help you effectively reach your desired weight goals.

Why use ProThin Meal replacement to support your weight-loss program?

The formulation of ProThin incorporates the latest research with the highest quality ingredients to help you meet your weight management goals. What sets ProThin apart from the others is an exclusive blend of non-GMO soya protein (the best non-animal source of protein available), fibre, and a cornucopia of essential vitamins and minerals to promote good health and well being. It also contains significantly less sugar than other leading brands.

Neways unique natural fibre blend consists of soluble and insoluble vegetable-based fibre. High fibre intake not only reduces your hunger levels; it also enables your body to convert energy found in carbohydrates, and so boosts your energy levels. Another benefit of using such a high-fibre meal replacement reduces the side effect of constipation that can accompany the use of inferior meal replacement products.


  • Mix two rounded scoops (36g) of powder with 250ml of semi-skimmed milk.
  • Replace one or two meals daily with Neways ProThin Shakes.
  • Intended for use only as part of an energy-restricted diet in conjunction with other balanced meals.
  • It is important to follow these directions closely and maintain adequate daily fluid intake while using this product.


  • Available in chocolate and vanilla flavours.
  • Each 250 ml serving (vanilla) provides just 265 kcal – chocolate variety provides 248 kcal.
  • You feel full, satisfied and energised for hours at a time.
  • No artificial colours or flavourings.
  • Contains no animal-derived ingredients - great for vegans and vegetarians


  • *for more information on macro & micro nutrients.

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