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ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Reduce your appetite before you eat a meal

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Meal replacement shake for weight control

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Support you metabolism to process excess weight


CLA & GLA - The fats you need


Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

Are you managing your weight by ensuring you get good nutritional support to help your metabolism do the job. We can help you out...... Make sure the food you do eat is not hollow!!

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ProMass Tablets

ProMass Tablets

CLA & GLA - The fats you need

ProMass 60 Softetl Tablets - £25.20
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How many ‘diet’ products rely on being ‘fat-free’ or ‘reduced fat’? So may that you can be forgiven for thinking that all fat you eat goes directly to increase deposits of fat on your body. This is not strictly true – there are different types of fat, both beneficial and harmful to your health. Without fat, your skin dries out, your metabolism is impaired, and your brain does not function at its best. Fat is an important part of your diet, and even ‘harmful’ fats have some good side effects.

Many weight-conscious people now recognise the importance of certain ‘good fats’ in maintaining healthy body weight and promoting youthful metabolism. The exclusion of all animal fats may leave one significant nutritional gap by practically eliminating conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a powerful fatty acid. Because CLA enters the diet through red meat and full-fat dairy products, a strict weight-loss diet may provide little of this precious substance.

When you are dieting, you are trying to burn brown fat – and ProMass can encourage your body to burn its stock of adipose tissue for energy, instead of demanding more. Brown fact can be a major factor in obesity.

Put essential fats into your body – without red meat and cream!

ProMass contains isolated CLA in its purest form and provides the body with unique health-supporting benefits. CLA has become widely recognised for its ability to aid weight management and is best known for helping to reduce body fat and increase muscle tissue.

ProMass also contains borage oil, the richest, natural source of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Research has shown that GLA has a wide variety of health benefits.

Studies have shown the importance of the CLA. It “can improve the immune system. In the first trial of its kind on humans, scientists … are investigating whether CLA can make us better at beating bacteria and even reduce the growth of tumours” CLA can make your immune system more effective in finding and destroying tumours.1


  • Take two to four capsules daily


  • Provides your body with the fats it needs – without an unhealthy and fattening diet.
  • Can liquefy fatty acids and increase metabolic rate: encourages your body to use the fats it has already stored for energy.
  • Supports already healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


  1. From the University of Southampton, UK, see See also Milk could be a super-medicine

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