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Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

Are you managing your weight by ensuring you get good nutritional support to help your metabolism do the job. We can help you out...... Make sure the food you do eat is not hollow!!

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Curb Tablets

Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

Curb 90 tbs - £12.93
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We all know that one of the best ways of losing weight is simply to eat less and healthily. Sometimes it is hard … you crave food when your body does not actually need it, and it is difficult not to give in to these cravings. And sometimes you crave food because you need it.

The continuing challenge a dieter faces is to change your diet in the long term. Crash dieting is not an effective weight loss system – as soon as you have come to the end of your diet, you often return to your old habits and the weight goes straight back on.

Is your body trying to tell you something by the foods that you crave?

Cravings are often your body’s way of saying that it needs nutrients. Subconsciously we link intense cravings with certain foods that provide the vitamin, mineral and other nutritional deficiencies that we may be lacking.

Curb is formulated to help address this and enhance your diet so that you are getting the nutrition you require. How can you tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy food cravings?

When we ‘give in’ to some cravings, we may be actually contributing to poor health and illness. Although we may be providing the body with nutrients that it needs, all too frequently we end up taking in excess fat and sugars. Curb may help in decreasing the development of food cravings by providing the RDA of certain minerals and vitamins necessary for healthy living.

What is the effect of taking Curb nutritional cravings supplement?

Curb helps you in three ways:

Firstly, it has been shown to decrease food cravings by addressing nutritional deficiencies that cause the cravings in the first place. As well as containing your RDA of standard vitamins and minerals, it also contains chromium and molybdenum; research has shown that these could be vital for proper nutrition. Chromium is strongly featured in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes1.

Secondly, Curb also contains ingredients intended to enhance your overall appearance, health and general well-being: weak or thinning hair can be a result of nutritional imbalances in the diet. Curb promotes thicker-looking hair by helping to overcome these deficiencies.

And thirdly, Curb addresses cravings that result from a lack of calcium. Its balanced formula helps absorb and utilise this important mineral appropriately. Consequently Curb may help you maintain healthy bones and teeth without the need for potentially fattening dairy delights (such as butter, cream, ice cream).


  • Take one tablet three times a day, thirty minutes before each meal.
  • Do not take more than three tablets a day.


  • Has been shown to decrease food cravings by caused by nutritional deficiencies.
  • Contains chromium and molybdenum, as well as more usual vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhances your hair, and promotes general well-being.


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