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ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Reduce your appetite before you eat a meal

ProThin Shake - Meal Replacement

Meal replacement shake for weight control

ProThin Thermogenic Blend

Support you metabolism to process excess weight


CLA & GLA - The fats you need


Appetite suppressant with nutritional support

Are you managing your weight by ensuring you get good nutritional support to help your metabolism do the job. We can help you out...... Make sure the food you do eat is not hollow!!

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ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Step 1: ProThin Pre-Meal Tablet

Reduce your appetite before you eat a meal

ProThin Pre-Meal Tablets 80tbs - 31.67
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This product consists of a combination of dietary fibres, that also help to care for your digestive health.

A Citrus-flavoured effervesent drink that can help to give you a sensation of fullness before a meal, consequently reducing your urge to eat.

You must be able to control your appetite and make sure your digestive system is in good working order, for a weight management plan to succeed.

To get optimum results from ProThink Pre-Meal Tablets combine it with a low caloriediet and regular excercise.

The tablets dissolve effervescently and lessen your appetite very quickly.


  • Take two tablets, twice daily prior to meals
  • Dissolve contents of one packet (two tablets) in 250ml of water and drink immediately.
  • Carefully follow usage directions and 'Cautions/Warnings' found on individual product packaging


  • Provides a sense of fullness before meals.
  • Supports weight management when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet.
  • Supports digestive health.
  • Delivers active ingredients quickly with effervescent technology.
  • 80 Tablets

Contains Chitosan, inulin, ascrbic acid, grapefruit fibre and white kidne bean extract

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